The GEC girls

The Girls’ Education Challenge aims to improve the learning opportunities and outcomes of over one million of the world’s most marginalised girls. In order to do this, we need to know who and where these girls are. We need to understand the challenges that they face and the barriers that are preventing them from getting to school and learning. Our work so far has given us valuable insights into the ways in which girls are marginalised and the activities that can offer them safe access to school, the ability to meet the costs of education and the confidence to learn.

Teaching and learning

Getting girls into school is only the first step. Providing a supportive environment with good quality teaching is the only way to ensure they achieve academic success and improve their life chances. To make this happen, we need welcoming classrooms and skilled teachers who feel valued. Carefully planned use of technology supports progress, as do opportunities for girls to catch up on missed learning. Our work inside and outside the classroom has helped us to understand the ways in which teaching can be transformed to improve learning and fosters girls’ aspirations.

Lasting change

The Girls’ Education Challenge aims to create lasting change, leaving a legacy of better opportunities for future girls and boys. It aims to go beyond ensuring that girls enjoy the benefits of being able to complete a full cycle of education and are equipped for further education and employment. We work with families, communities, schools, and local and national governments to change attitudes and policy and create leaders with clear vision and high aspirations. Our work to date has already provided important lessons as to how this change can be achieved.

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