GEARR-ing Up for Success After School

Project completed implementation in March 2021

PEAS establishes and operates low-cost private schools using a public-private partnership (PPP) model. PEAS has 28 schools in Uganda which serve disadvantaged communities in mainly rural areas.

The project aimed to make this affordable quality education more accessible to 7,400 marginalised girls. It offered teacher training in English and Maths, and in approaches that are more sensitive to gender. Girls’ Clubs provided girls with safe spaces to develop their skills and build their confidence. Girls were offered access to higher education scholarships and greater guidance on their employment and training opportunities after school.

  • Teacher training in English and Maths and gender-sensitive teaching approaches
  • Expanded and improved A-level provision 
  • Established Girls’ Clubs in schools to ensure girls had a space to interact with peers and build their self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved guidance on post school opportunities and provided access to higher education scholarships
  • Delivered annual school improvement and leadership programmes for project schools in order to support better school performance
  • Delivered community information sessions to build awareness on the importance of education and the benefits of delaying marriage and pregnancy
  • Continues to work with government to improve affordable education through public-private partnerships