Project completed implementation in June 2021

iMlango (a word derived from the Swahili for doorway or portal) is a private sector-led project. It aimed to help 70,130 marginalised girls improve their learning and transition to the next stage of education, through the innovative use of technology.

The project provided schools with satellite broadband and computer labs which allowed students to use an online portal for tutoring in maths and literacy. The project generated real-time data on student attendance and also on their learning progress, so the teaching content could be tailored to each individual child. It also provided a loan scheme for parents as part of the project's microfinance initiative, working with mothers in the communities.

  • Online platform provided students with maths and literacy content aligned with the Kenyan national curriculum
  • Trained teachers to develop subject matter expertise through the iMlango portal
  • Implemented electronic attendance monitoring equipment in 205 primary and 40 secondary schools to establish reliable attendance records and target those most at risk of dropping out
  • Impact(Ed) child clubs across 205 primary schools provided students with the opportunity to discuss and understand particular girl-related issues
  • A sustainable microfinance loan scheme targeted towards the poorest parents to initiate entrepreneurship that brought additional income to the families of over 5,000 girls
  • Engaging with the Government of Kenya and national telecommunication companies to support the delivery of satellite internet to rural primary and secondary schools

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