Improving Girls’ Access through Transforming Education (IGATE)

Project completed implementation in January 2022

The IGATE project aimed to improve the lives of 35,290 marginalised adolescent girls by helping them to improve their literacy, numeracy, life skills and self-esteem.

IGATE helped girls to transition from primary to secondary education or onto employment or self-employment. It supported communities by offering non-formal, community-based learning opportunities for out-of-school girls. IGATE worked closely with key stakeholders in communities, schools, and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to develop capacity to manage and monitor effective learning, and constructively address issues around gender-based violence, early forced marriage and the value of girls’ education.

  • Delivered remedial English and numeracy classes at secondary level for girls who are identified as performing poorly
  • Delivered a community-based learning initiative for out-of-school girls, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and financial and entrepreneurial skills through local facilitators
  • Trained teachers to help girls and boys reach functional literacy and numeracy
  • Trained teachers to use gender-sensitive and inclusive approaches
  • Developed and strengthened school and community-based leadership clubs to enhance girls' leadership and life skills
  • Strengthened champions for girls' education, including religious groups, through community-based action plans that addressed negative social norms and practices in regard to girls' education

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