Jielimishe (Educate Yourself)

Project completed implementation in June 2022

This project aimed to improve the life chances of 10,120 marginalised girls in primary and secondary school, allowing them to complete a full cycle of education and transition to the next level. This included alternative pathways such as technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

The approach focused on increasing girls’ motivation to learn through girls’ clubs and mentorship schemes, improving the quality of teaching through teacher training, coaching and mentorship, and encouraging local communities to support girls’ education. The project also supported 6,980 boys in primary and secondary school to ensure that boys were also able go to school and benefit from a supportive learning environment.

  • Provided Child Clubs which incorporate fun activities to improve learning results in literacy and numeracy and life skills to build confidence
  • Offered teacher training on gender-sensitive and inclusive teaching approaches and the integration of ICT for learning, to enhance teaching quality in 20 primary and 40 secondary schools
  • Provided scholarships to marginalised girls who performed well in national exams to cover the higher costs of secondary education or to enable them to access TVET
  • Raised awareness with girls, boys and their families on TVET as a productive and positive alternative pathway to education
  • Talked to communities about harmful cultural practices, gender imbalances, and social norms to foster a community that is supportive of girls' education
  • Supported the agricultural activities of 2,000 households in order to improve their production and increase family income, enabling families to afford school fees
  • Collaborated with the Ministry of Education to increase sharing and use of evidence for better education management

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