Marginalised no More (MnM)

Street Child’s Marginalised no More (MnM) project will target up to 7,500 of Nepal’s highly marginalised, Musahar girls who, due to their low-caste, face complex, often interrelated barriers and experience limited or no access to education.

The project aims to improve learning outcomes for these girls with a specific focus on functional literacy and numeracy which impacts their ability to transition into meaningful employment and income generation. In addition to accessibility issues, the project will tackle the principal obstacles faced by these girls which include fears for safety and security, out-of-school affordability and in-school gender-related exclusion from curriculum and instruction.


  • Offering accelerated learning alongside education and employment transition programmes for differing age groups to ensure sustained learning and earning.
  • Promoting awareness of gender rights amongst girls and boys through ‘protection circles’ and creating community-based protection mechanisms.
  • Providing training and resources for teachers to support the inclusion of girls in low-literacy environments that can be shared and replicated at scale.
  • Disbursing cash grants and setting up grants for further training providers to establish satellite programmes in Musahar communities, and supporting girls to establish their own enterprises and village saving schemes.

Street Child:


*Number subject to adjustment following identification of beneficiaries