Steps Towards Afghan Girls’ Education Success (STAGES)

Part one of the project completed implementation in June 2021

The six-member consortium project Steps Towards Afghan Girls’ Education Success (STAGES) provides education for girls and boys through community-based education (CBE) classes, in 1,078 communities across 16 provinces.

The project establishes primary and lower secondary CBE classes and accelerated learning programme classes in remote communities. By June 2021, the project had supported 24,830 marginalised girls. 

Activities included:
  • Establishing and supporting 1,411 CBE classes
  • Supporting students in 587 government schools through additional academic, supervisory and infrastructure support
  • Establishing and supporting peer groups in CBE communities and School Student Associations in government school communities to teach girls leadership skills
  • Training teachers in inclusive, student-centred and gender-equitable teaching methods
  • Supporting 1,995 young women to become teachers through a teaching apprenticeship programme and grants to attend Teacher Training Colleges
  • Increasing demand for and engagement in quality education within communities, particularly for girls
  • Strengthening relationships and capacity among national, provincial and district level education actors to sustain girls' education

Part two of the project provides community-based education to a further 5,145 students to complete lower primary education (Grade 6). The project is focused on supporting girls of adolescent age who are among the most marginalised and most likely to have been out of school and drop out of school. The project further includes the maintenance of 235 education facilities through the provision of school kids, class monitoring and establishment of School Management Councils. In addition, a total of 358 teachers are supported with their professional development through mentoring, teacher training and teacher peer groups. It will run to September 2023.