Supporting the Education of Marginalised Girls in Kailali (STEM)

Project completed implementation in March 2021

The project aimed to empower 4,460 Nepali girls to safely access education and economic activities. It aimed to increase attendance and create positive community attitudes towards girls’ education.

The project offered out-of-school girls the opportunity to become entrepreneurs, by equipping them with academic and income generating/technical skills, whilst dispelling misconceptions about their ability to manage commercial loans. It also aimed to improve the quality of teaching and school management.

  • Rolled out the Educate Girls, Alleviate Poverty (EGAP) campaigns (on the value of girls’ education) at critical points when dropouts and absenteeism are anticipated, ensuring the campaign reaches a wide audience of girls, families and community members
  • Increased parents’ engagement with their children’s education and found ways to finance education for girls through the Parents for Quality Education Training and Financing Education Training
  • Improved the management and governance system at schools by supporting the School Management Committees and offering Management for Quality Education (M4QE) training
  • Improved the teaching and learning dynamics in the classroom through teacher training and the introduction of new curricula and mentoring strategies
  • Offered small loans to out-of-school girls through the Girls’ Transition Fund, alongside financial literacy and vocational training, to enable financial independence
  • Created a young women’s business network and connections to female business mentors in the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal

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