Supporting girls to succeed in Kenya

30 October 2019 by

Let Our Girls Succeed is part of the UK Aid-funded Girls’ Education Challenge - the world’s largest global fund dedicated to girls’ education, supporting up to 1.5m marginalised girls with access to education and learning across 17 countries. Over the course of six years, the project will support up to 72,000 girls to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. 

In Kenya, girls face multiple challenges and barriers – societal, cultural and geographical – that prevent or make it difficult for them to access education. Concerns for safety, long distances to school and financial costs lead to girls being enrolled late or withdrawn from school early. Research also shows that increased access to education for girls, is not translating directly into improved learning opportunities[1].

Let Our Girls Succeed is working to address these complex and interrelated barriers which obstruct girls’ educational attainment in Kenya. The project is addressing these barriers holistically at four levels: the girl herself, the girl in school, the girl at home and the girl in the community. This will increase the chances of girls to eventually transition into employment or technical and vocational education and training.

A recent visit from the Kenyan Ministry of Education to the Let Our Girls Succeed project resulted in praise for the efforts to support the education of thousands of marginalised girls. Meanwhile, two girls supported by the project were recently recognised nationally for their achievements at school.

Elizabeth and Nashimi, two girls supported by the project were awarded first and second prize for their essays in the National Digital Essay competition, on the role of technology in education. Elizabeth, a primary school student from Turkana County who aspires to go on to train as a doctor when she finishes school, said:

“I’m very happy for being the winner in this competition. I never thought I could be the best. I’m happy because I’ve travelled out of my village for the first time in my life”

Girls across the world such as Elizabeth and Nashimi have the right to be educated, equal, and empowered. With support from Let Our Girls Succeed, Elizabeth and Nashimi are learning the skills they need to succeed in their future jobs, benefiting themselves and their communities.


[1] Education Development Trust.