Let our Girls Succeed (Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu)

Let our Girls Succeed aims to work with 70,540 highly marginalised girls living in arid and semi-arid lands and slum areas in Kenya. It provides primary school girls with the qualifications, skills and confidence necessary to successfully transition to a productive next phase of life.

Through improved teaching quality, the majority of girls are expected to transition to secondary level education. With improved literacy and numeracy skills, the girls also have a greater chance of being able to attend higher performing schools. Other girls are also supported to transition to alternative pathways focused on employment and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) to ensure that no girl is left behind.

  • Providing engaging catch-up classes for girls who have dropped out of school
  • Offering girls’ clubs in primary and secondary schools which include peer mentoring and sexual and reproductive health training. These clubs are supported with income generating activities such as school gardening and poultry rearing
  • Identifying apprenticeship opportunities within the private sector
  • Teacher coaching and training in 521 primary and 45 secondary schools with a focus on enhanced ICT competencies and gender-sensitive and inclusive approaches
  • Promoting income generating activities by awarding grants to mainly older girls and running community groups to support women
  • Providing needs-based financial support to assist with school costs or TVET fees
  • Working closely with the Government and Ministries to improve 25 existing TVET centres

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