Sisters for Sisters’ Education

Project completed implementation in June 2021 

This project worked with 64 schools to improve the education of 7,272 marginalised girls, helping them to transition from primary to secondary school, and leave school ready to continue their education or secure sustainable employment.

The project offered remedial after school classes for girls, in which well-performing students in higher grades (Big Sisters) provided academic support and mentoring to the students in lower grades, and feedback to teachers the areas in which they need to provide additional support in class. The project provided training for teachers to improve literacy and numeracy. The mentoring schemes and non-formal girls’ clubs encouraged girls to develop essential life skills, improve their employability, and build their confidence and self-esteem.

  • Developed a Big Sisters' mentoring scheme to support girls in lower grades
  • Offered nine-month bridge courses and remedial classes for out-of-school girls who wanted to return to school
  • Established a national Girls' Education Network with several partners to share best practices and influence policy
  • Set up non-formal Girls' Clubs including English and ‘Digital for Girls' Education’ training, life skills, career guidance and training in business skills and financial literacy
  • Provided teacher training on gender-sensitive and child-friendly approaches
  • Trained school management and governance bodies to improve planning and child protection
  • Undertook community awareness-raising on the value of education through street dramas, household meetings and school and community visits by education champions
  • Coached and mentored staff in the Department and Ministry of Education with a focus on gender equality

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO):