Strategic Approaches to Girls’ Education (STAGE)

Project completed implementation in February 2023

WEI’s Strategic Approaches to Girls’ Education (STAGE) project supported up to 17,000 10 to 14-year-old, out-of-school girls and 15 to 19-year-old teenage mothers and other highly marginalised girls living in target regions across Ghana.

The project adapted learning materials and established designated learning centres for these girls which delivered literacy, numeracy and life skills training, and helped to establish pathways for girls’ successful transition into formal and informal education programmes, vocational training and eventual employment or self-employment.


  • Delivered an eight-month Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) and, on the informal learning track, an eight-month vocational training programme with master craftsmen and a focus on life skills which incorporated both financial and digital literacy training.
  • Introduced livelihood activities to facilitate girls’ learning and transition via education pathways
  • Built awareness around gender, social inclusion and marginalisation for teacher educational institutions with a view to supporting more inclusive approaches to education.
  • Partnered with local master craftsmen/women and local institutions to provide learning and employment opportunities for girls.

World Education Inc. (WEI):